The making of ZHEROS

Meet the Team: Level Design

There is a new entry in the Rimlight Studios’ team and his name is Walter Porto. He previously worked as a colorist for comics and also as a programmer and now he is contributing in the ZHEROS’ development in many ways. Let’s see how, through some questions!

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Meet the team: Concepting and Texturing

He brought a little of Sweden at Rimlight Studios, together with his art and talent; he has a lot to say, especially through his drawings. He’s also an Adventure Time expert!
Let’s go meet our texture and concept artist: Dan Liimatta.



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Meet the team: 3D modeling

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the creation of the 3D models in ZHEROS? We are here today to introduce this person: his name is Steven Chagnon, he’s canadian and he works on ZHEROS as a 3D artist. But let’s talk with him to know something more about his work at Rimlight Studios.


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Mechs & Co.

We’re back with a new chapter about the development of ZHEROS and this time we want to share with you one of the areas that created us (and still does to some extent) a few issues along the way but also a lot of fun. We present you our Mechs!

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The enemies in ZHEROS’ world

A swarm of creatures fatally infests the world of the ZHEROS universe: mechanical and bio-mechanical creatures, which constantly try to put obstacles on Captain Dorian and Mike’s way. Starting from this, we planned the making of troops of potential enemies.

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Development news n. 2

Good morning, fellows!
We wish we could let you read the introduction of our programmer, but “someone” is too shy and said something like “I only speak in my lawyer’s presence”, so… here we go with some development news!

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