Development news n. 2

Good morning, fellows!
We wish we could let you read the introduction of our programmer, but “someone” is too shy and said something like “I only speak in my lawyer’s presence”, so… here we go with some development news!

Francesco and Fabio are currently focused on the creation of powerful particles for the new combos of Mike, something that could make his fights forceful and dynamic.

Steven is giving shape to the forest, based on Dan’s concepts: it really appears like an alien jungle, and watching while it grows with paths and trees is a kind of a strange magic! On the other hand, we need to build a strong level design for this new world, to make it work without being boring.



On Mr. Napalm’s monitor Captain Dorian fights over and over, while he often gets up from his chair imitating some combat moves. We hope he won’t destroy the office!

Last but not least, a new enemy is taking shape from Dan’s hands, but we cannot show you who he is, yet. We can just say that he is GIANT, TOUGH and… doesn’t like the red colour.

See you next time! (And keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for some exciting news!)