What You Need to Know About Counting Cards

Counting cards is a unique practice that tends to receive a lot of hate for all the wrong reasons. Although the process is simple, it gets mixed with myths, and people tend to get confused between myths and facts. As a result, one requires a system of truth that consists of points meant to decode the nature of counting cards. So if you wish to attain all that, go ahead and read the following set of points.

The Process

Counting cards is most commonly practiced with Blackjack, and players tend to go beyond their way to make things happen. But in reality, it is an effortless process that does the job when the right moves are implemented. As every card is removed from the deck, the playing cards either make it more likely for the dealer to win or for the player based on the next hand. Due to that, when you find a game of Blackjack with favourable rules and other aspects, you can keep track of the same and increase your bets as and when the count favours you.

A Legal Procedure

A lot of gamblers fail to understand this particular aspect of counting cards as they continue to believe in myths. So to break it all for you, counting cards is legal, and you can carry forward the same in a manner that tends to make sense. Yes, that’s right. You can sit at the table and monitor the cards and keep a count of the system in your mind. But you can never use a device or any other object for this purpose because the calculations need to happen in your mind.


Types of Systems

To simplify the process of counting cards, you can choose a system based on the one that suits you the most. There are over a dozen of these systems in the market, and choosing one from the lot needs to be carried through research and understanding. Some of the most popular ones are Red 7, Silver Fox, Omega Ⅱ, Revere 14, and so on. By exploring these systems and understanding the impact that they stand to create, you can take things your way and establish your control over the game of Blackjack.

Speed and Accuracy


Two of the most essential aspects that you require to count cards are speed and accuracy. Both these qualities carry forward the ideal system of change, and you will be able to benefit from it. Due to that, you require several hours of practice and understanding to master the skill and establish a progressive set of moves that come from counting cards. So spend a lot of time practicing the system and maintaining speed and accuracy to topple the game.