Zheros World

The shading work made the concept cleaner and we started splitting some of the usable element of the setting from those that could be discarded: it can sometimes be difficult to abandon an initial idea, but it’s part of the process and not every idea is a “good” idea. Therefore, we started grouping the potentially usable concepts in order to make them consistent and we went back to the drawing board to create completely new pieces keeping in mind what we liked from the previous ones and trying to follow a more defined style.

What results from this process is a series of slightly more polished pieces that start looking like a full environment, we are still far from a detailed concept but we are going in a direction we feel comfortable with.

What good are heroes without a world to protect? We had to put our characters into a believable environment (though full of enemies ready to swarm in from every corner) that could drive the players in an entertaining adventure to save the galaxy.

What we had in mind was a world full of towering and modern buildings, futuristic geometric shapes, colors and lights which you can find in the typical cyberpunk cities. But that’s not all. In our vision, this setting had to be totally twisted and far from the sci-fi locations we all came to know as “classic”.We started with some rough sketches useful as brainstorming and trying to find the right “language” and shapes that could make our world interesting and futuristic.