ZHEROS will be soon on Steam Greenlight

Breaking news: ZHEROS will be live on Steam Greenlight in 2 days!

Pick up your calendar and put a sign on Wednesday 25! Or write it on a wall. Or on your arms. The most important thing is that you don’t forget: we will start a Greenlight campaign for ZHEROS in 2 days!

Since we began our adventure, one of our goals was to bring ZHEROS to as many platforms as possible, including PC, but everything appeared always unsure. Until now.

The release of ZHEROS on PC can become a reality, but only with your help: if you wish to see ZHEROS on Steam, or if you simply think that it is a great game, which deserves to be published, remember to put your vote on Greenlight and give us your feedback.
We will make available the link to the ZHEROS Greenlight’s page very soon, so… stay tuned!