The Greenlight campaign is now live!

Here we are, people. ZHEROS is now live on Steam Greenlight!
When we started developing ZHEROS, we had an objective: to bring back the pure action of the traditional beat’em up, with which we grew up, creating a videogame empowered with new elements; fights and action in the old beat’em up style with new game mechanics and enhanced by a 3D graphic living of bright colours and details.

After about a year spent on development, we wish to bring all of these things on PC and to make it possible we started a Greenlight campaign for ZHEROS. As the game is currently at a pre-alpha stage, the campaign will be also useful for us to receive as many users’ feedback as we can.

However, we know this is not an arrival point but it is an important step forward for us, so… if you would like to make ZHEROS Greenlit on Steam, don’t hesitate to click here and vote “yes”: