The enemies in ZHEROS’ world

A swarm of creatures fatally infests the world of the ZHEROS universe: mechanical and bio-mechanical creatures, which constantly try to put obstacles on Captain Dorian and Mike’s way. Starting from this, we planned the making of troops of potential enemies.

We had plenty of ideas to begin with, at least there was that. First step was defining some general background and taking inspiration from the idea that the ZHEROS universe is populated by both mechanical and organic creatures, with odd but dangerous looking, we decided to divide the enemies into two categories: the robotic ones and the mutations.

From this basic assumption we started a series of simple sketches focusing more on the general shape and silhouette of the characters more than anything else.




This is one of many concept sheets that were created and it was a starting point for our next decision: enemy types and connection to the environment.

We wanted to adapt each creature to a specific setting: robots could live in a hi-tech environment like the laboratory, while the biomechanical creatures could find place in a more or less natural location like the forest.

We decided to start focusing on those two points narrowing down the initial sketches to a few chosen ones and refining them.

Each creature needed one or two possible attacks/weapons and had to fit in the Light, Medium, Heavy category we all agreed on.

The Heavy ones were some of the most fun to work on:



From more robotic characters to mixed mutation we came up with some really weird creatures…




It was useful for ZHEROS gameplay and locations, but also inevitable, to select the more interesting enemies. Therefore, we picked the “creatures” that met some particular requirements: the category (robot vs bio-mechanical) according to the locations (laboratory vs forest), and the type of attacks (light attacks vs heavy attacks). This to offer variety during the game in both look and gameplay.
Some of the enemies that we really loved had to be cut…some time because of gameplay needs, others for technical difficulties or simply because of time constrains.



The lucky ones in the end were picked to be part of ZHEROS roster! It’s a shame they’re going to face Mike and Dorian…