Meet the team: Concepting and Texturing

He brought a little of Sweden at Rimlight Studios, together with his art and talent; he has a lot to say, especially through his drawings. He’s also an Adventure Time expert!
Let’s go meet our texture and concept artist: Dan Liimatta.



You are the concept artist of the team: what does inspire you in the creation of your concepts? Which elements influence your art?

The main inspiration is usually things that relates in some way to the project, or when trying to make say a snowy mountain vista I’d look at inspirational pieces of art that relate to the topic. For general creativity I just try to learn new things through life, books, science, history and everything else. In the end the more ideas you know of, the easier it gets to mash something new together. I also think of it as any other skill, one that one can hone and strengthen through practice and use.



You are also a texture artist: is there a character you liked more to texture?

If I have to pick one it is probably Gano (one of the bosses in ZHEROS), but overall the work is the same. The thing I enjoyed most texture wise was probably the flowers and other vegetation.


Beware of Gano!


You have a great creative flair and you sure have some idea about ZHEROS development: is there an idea of yours you wish to see in ZHEROS?

Without any concern for time and technical restraints? Procedural levels, enemies and animations. And perhaps I would blast out “Fire, flood & plague” by High on Fire during one of the boss fights.


Working in the videogames industry, what’s your idea about it? And what about the Italian scenario?

Passion project for many which is the best and worst part of it. As for the Italian industry I can’t really say as my experience of it is very limited.


Can you cheer the ZHEROS’ fan with a typical Swedish greeting?