Development news

The team hard work continues and we’re trying to improve the gameplay while also working on new levels and locations.


Hi everyone!

Some new laboratory levels are under construction today and Steven is making a new building where the characters will fight, even though we are still considering which elements we will add to enhance these locations.

Mr. Napalm is currently busy with lots of combos, which are going to knock down many enemies! Sometime it can be heard something like “I’ve got some problems here, Francesco!” or “I’ve just created the worst combo in videogames history”.


Many, many combos...

Many, many combos…


Meanwhile, Dan’s monitor is filling with concepts of robotic minions: what will be chosen?

At last, Fabio is currently working on the shaders – boring! It is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

The typical development day goes on, keep following us for more news (and don’t forget to visit our Facebook page!)