The making of ZHEROS

Meet the Team: Animation

It’s been a while since our last update, but we are back with something a bit different… While our adventure goes on and we keep creating new elements to make ZHEROS great, we decided to introduce you to the brains and muscles behind the game. Let’s kick this off with a very unusual guy: our animator, Mr. Napalm.

As his name says, he’s an “explosive” person, funny and original, and his creativity is almost limitless.

It’s time to meet him!

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The ZHEROS world

What good are heroes without a world to protect? We had to put our characters into a believable environment (though full of enemies ready to swarm in from every corner) that could drive the players in an entertaining adventure to save the galaxy.

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Announcement Trailer

In the past few weeks we worked hard to put together our first gameplay video and we’re finally happy to share the result with you.

Discover what awaits you in the ZHEROS galaxy and help Mike & Captain Dorian saving the universe!

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